Things To Consider Before Boarding Your Pet

So you have booked your holiday with your family and starting getting everything arranged in order for you to leave with a peaceful mind. But then you realise that you haven’t arranged for someone to take care of your pet and begin to panic! If a friend or family is unable to take your little loved out under their care, do not worry, as there is a solution available. Sydney pet boarding centres can now be found that let you leave your loving critters in a safe environment until you get back. There are a few factors that need to be considered before you rush off your little animal friend into the closest boarding centre.

Finding a quality kennel centre

Speak to your vet regarding finding a caring kennel centre for your pet. Vets tend to have contact with all suppliers of pet accessories, other equipment and pet business representative. They speak to those people love four-legged family members where they leave their pets behind when they are away from. When you go to the park, you can always speak to another dog walker about finding a good kennel. A worst-case scenario is that you need to search for a kennel online.

To ensure that the shelter has been manufactured by following the certified standards, you can always request for a tour to make sure that you are comfortable with the place. If the shelter is crowded, then it is not the place for your furry friend. Always look for a centre that has security cameras as well just in case anything unexpected happens and you need to know.

The staff

Leaving your pet behind makes you feel terrible. But if you find the perfect luxury dog boarding with the perfect staff for your dog, then you have nothing to worry.

Working hours

The minding facilities are not usually manned 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is important that when the premises are closed, there is one individual who will be responsible to take care of things if an emergency situation occurs.

Medical problems

Be certain that you inform the pet sitter if there are any medical issues of your pet and leave enough and more medication behind. If there’s any vaccinations that need to be given during the time you away, do it before you go away.

The main important thing to consider the gut feeling you get and if the environment makes you feel comfortable. Forming a relationship with the staff will also ensure that your pet is looked after well. Your cat or dog might not be at home but they will be safe and you will have a piece of mind.

Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy

When your pet is happy and healthy, they create the best memories that last a lifetime. For this, you need to take some effort and give them the best comforts in every way you can. Some might say that these things can be too costly, but we say it’s not costly at all. Simple things from food to comfortable setting at home can improve their physical and mental health. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your four-legged companion happy.

A healthy weight

Just like for human beings, weight matters for animals too. Overweight pets can be victims of different health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and respiratory disease. If you are not sure whether your pet is overweight or not, check it with the vet. He/she will check your pet and suggest further precautions and steps if the situation is negative. Being overweight will expose your pet to other injuries and decrease the quality of its life. If you are looking for dogs for adoption, make sure you go through their profiles and see whether they have any health conditions that you need to pay more attention to. Link here offer a great service when it comes to dogs for adoption that will suit your needs.

A good diet

Like we need to maintain a good and a balanced diet, the same applies to your pets too. Whether or not it’s overweight, feeding healthy and nutritious meals for your dog will keep it away from a lot of diseases and injuries. Don’t always go on giving the high calorie treats for the sad and big eyes. Train them for a special time to eat to cut off all these random feeds. Especially if your dog is overweight, you need to control these sweet treats you give them. Also have a special bowl. Ask your vet to recommend good food for your pets according to their health and weight. Not all food treats will do well so ask for good brands.

Both of you need exercise

You know that it’s impossible to talk about health without exercise. Apart from food, exercise is the next best way to keep up a good healthy life. Not just for you but also for your pet. So, why not both of you take an evening walk to the park? It would be a great way for your dog to catch some fresh air. Do some exploring in the park and also play.

Give them their own space

Giving your pet a separate place to sleep and relax will help them a lot in their health conditions and improve their mental status. For many of us, sleeping with our fluffy dog is ritual but do you know that it can be harmful for your dog and you? Specially aged dogs need more space to move and stretch. If not health conditions like arthritis can be a result of inadequate space. On the other hand, their fur, dander and saliva are not good for you when it’s all over your bedding. So, check for special beds and relaxing nooks for your pet to spend their down time.