Dilemmas For High Rise Pet Owners

Pets need to have physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Nowadays, most people who own pets live in small apartments. For them it becomes a dilemma to provide space for their pets to roam free and have adequate space for physical activity. Open spaces also provide more things to watch and engage pets with visual of other animals and things around. For those who live in high rise apartments they are unable to provide open spaces that would be secure for their pets to roam around in. For instance, usually balconies or terrace areas have half open spaces and these present the danger of pets jumping or falling off such areas.

Restrictive spaces

There are several restrictions that high rise pet owners need to face when living with pets. If there are adjoining balconies with other apartments, inquisitive pets would also go off to other apartment balconies. It also increases the risk of them falling to their deaths or hurting themselves. Hence apartment owners need to keep all windows and doors closed. To overcome such limitations, many pet owners are creating cat runs Melbourne by erecting netting and other protective barriers which make the open spaces secure and safe for the pets to roam around in.

Creative solutions

Many pet owners are finding different ways to keep their pets active, interested and healthy. They are opting to secure open spaces like balconies and terrace areas of high rises with cat netting that can be ordered in from specialist services are done by home owners themselves. Many are even creating enclosures or tunnel like posts with different activities that can keep pets engaged and give them the opportunity to engage in physical activities. One could also create more play areas within their home. If possible one could dedicate a room with playful setup for pets. This is especially necessary if one has more than one pet in the house. If you wish to explore such options, but do not know where to begin, there are many services that provide such ideas. There are several forums where one could also explore such ideas. On the other hand, if there are certain ideas one has in mind, they can get a local handyman to come in and implement the changes. Having a play safe apartment for your pet will keep them happy and engaged; this is especially required if you have to leave the pet alone while you are away at work. Many pet owners have helpful ideas and suggestions that they provide on different discussion forums.

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