Surviving Your Holiday In The Bush

You’ve had your share of vacations in sunny Hawaii and exotic Thailand, now it is time to give in to your hubby’s request to spend your week long holiday in the bush or rather in the bush area, as you are going to be renting out a cozy little holiday home, so that you can decide whether you want to join in your hubby’s bush camping activities or stay home and sip hot chocolate and watch movies with any of the kids who may be less adventurous!

Get set
You’ve heard all about the Aussie wildlife and the huntsman spiders and you are not really looking forward to that part of your holiday, but you know that your man will bail you out in any case as he has a knack of giving a little whack or frightening away any creepy insects that come your way. In any case, you might as well get some snake repellers, which are little battery -operated gadgets that will emit sounds that will keep away those horrible snakes you are dreading!

Start packing
As you may not find many or rather any shops in the bush area where your holiday home is, top up on those essentials you will need and pack them in your car or your caravan. Take a good supply of groceries like pasta and frozen foods your family enjoys, canned food and toiletries for the week. Check also on the availability of internet and make sure you can keep in touch with the real world outside for emergencies. You may also want to add a first aid bag and your favourite snacks and movies. You are good to go now!

Your vacation starts!
As you get to your holiday home close to the bush, make sure you have those snake repellers handy as you unpack and settle in, check this trusted ultrasonic pest repeller. After you have unpacked, sit down to a hearty meal of roast chicken and French fries. Begin your vacation with a family game of cards or watch your favourite movie! In the morning, you can pack yourselves a picnic and head into the bush for a hike with all the gear you need and your emergency supplies. In the next couple of days, you can decide whether you want to camp in the bush for a couple of days or stay back and read your favourite book and watch movies and play with your son who did not want to join your hubby and his brother and sister. The days are yours to do as you fancy!

Back home
As much as you enjoyed the bush or being close to it, you are even happier now that your adventure of a lifetime is over and you are heading back home! Your hubby on the other hand is mourning over the fact that his favourite holiday is over. Such are the joys of life!